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We are a small company founded in Norway back in 2011. We have had a few projects going on that has not been related to digital services. We have since then moved to different projects and goals, like Web Hosting. Now it’s time to shine and to provide the good people of earth with Professional Web Hosting services. For one and a half years, we have been preparing for its launch and we’re finally ready.

You might ask yourself, why provide Web Hosting services when there are so many people doing the same thing? Here’s why.. For the past five years, especially during covid, there has been a massive change in the web hosting industry. Prices for web hosting and domains have exploded. People that are looking for web hosting are now forced to purchase “included” custom and third-party add-ons and futures. Some hosts have doubled and even tripled their prices. This isn’t fair at all, why should you pay for something that you never asked for? You just want to have a secure place to host your website, and that’s it, right?

Our main goal for our Web Hosting business will be to focus on simplicity. Order what you need, and that’s it. There’s no need to purchase anything else. Oh, and the best part is, we won’t spam you with a billion emails telling you that we have 300 products that are better than what you already purchased. If you want more, upgrade later.

In the upcoming months, we will focus on how we can improve our customer support even more. Email, tickets, and discord support are already complete, but we will add live chat, phone support and a community forum in the future as well. More on this later.

Let’s celebrate our launch.

To celebrate our launch and you as our new customer, we’re giving all new customers a massive discount on all of our web hosting plans before and throughout Halloween. Starting Oktober 22 and ends November 1. These amazing discounts are for the first year and for annual plans only. We’ll figure out some special deals for our monthly subscribers, soon. So stay tuned.

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